The IDEA approach

Why Us
We share a desire to do things differently. Together, we grow

As a leading communication firm in Singapore, we’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing brands across multiple sectors, including technology, luxury goods, real estate, construction, industrial and investment. We all have one thing in common: a desire to do things differently. Whether a global leader or a new market entrant, we all value integrity, collaboration, sustainability and innovation in our PR and communication work. That’s exactly the type of partnership we were built for. Together, we are motivated by a common desire to generate outstanding results that make a difference and that stand the test of time.

The business landscape has evolved radically as a consequence of technology advancement. 70% of businesses feel challenged – of disruptive technologies, change of business models and evolving customer behaviours and demands. At IDEA, we understand basic human needs, relationship-building curve and trust-drivers.  Through leveraging our clients’ biggest asset- people and brand, we help them shape relevant external or internal strategy, build story-telling contents, engaging events and strategic partnerships.

We constantly challenge our traditional methodology, and relentlessly adapt ourselves to evolving market trends to seek for improvements and optimization. We partner with cutting-edge insight agencies and invest in analytical and digital technologies to deliver added values for our clients across industrial sectors.  We invest our people so that they can better take care of our customers.

Our Ethos
The IDEA Ethos

IDEA is more than a word. For us, it stands for Integrity, Diversity, Evolution, and Adaptability – hallmarks of any successful business. At IDEA Communication, we believe that the crux of public relations is knowing what your business stands for, as well as how to communicate it. We take a values-based approach to public relations, drawing upon our founder’s wealth of knowledge and experience in order to craft communication campaigns that convince and compel. IDEA: Communication that transforms.

Our Cultures
The IDEA Culture

At IDEA Communication, we embrace risk-taking, difference, transparency, individuality, meritocracy, and flexibility. We value innovation, adaptability, agility, conscience, collaboration, continuous improvement and sustainability. We are a Public Relations Agency in Singapore that doesn’t look soley at KPIs. Instead, people are evaluated based on their adaptability to change and adversity; their tolerance of differences; their ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment; their capacity to turn ideas into tangible results; their capacity for self-motivation; and their ability to cultivate relationships both internally and externally. As a PR company team, we’ve travelled to far-flung corners of the globe together, from jobsites in Pekanbaru to a construction site in Moscow.

The Team @ iDEA Communication
Our approach
IDEA Approach

We are proactive and result-driven PR company in Singapore. We care enough about your product and your clients to go the extra mile. We are committed to meeting – and exceeding – your objectives. We deliver communication services bench-marked against the highest industry standards. At IDEA Communication, we pride ourselves on a results-driven approach to public relations and an unmitigated commitment to adding value to our clients. Our services span public relations, corporate communications, and integrated marketing; employing a unique blend of creativity, journalistic acumen and astute strategic thinking.

our difference
The IDEA Difference

What sets us apart from the many run-of-the-mill agencies out there? It’s simple – we provide proactive and bespoke services committed to meeting clients’ objectives and strive to create added value.

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