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  1. To build media relations and secure press coverage
  2. To build brand awareness.


A two-pronged approach comprising a media campaign to foster relationship building and secure earned coverage, as well as a marketing campaign centred on trade shows in order to build brand awareness. IDEA’s solution comprised a two-stage process. First, it is paramount that an organization has a clear and consistent idea of what it stands for – an ethos, in other words. This is crucial to building engagement. Second, once key brand messages have been elucidated, we help you communicate these messages on a global or regional scale, at precisely the right time.

IDEA’s targeted and proactive media pitching strategy – in conjunction with a trade show campaign – was instrumental in securing coverage for BASF in multiple international publications covering technology, construction, and manufacturing. IDEA’s skilled and multi-talented team of writers produced an editorial on BASF’s products that was both technical and yet well within the grasp of the layman. This multi-page editorial was then published in a number of international magazines and publications. These titles included EDN China, India’s Construction World and Manufacturing Today, Science and Technology Gazette, Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, as well as South Korea’s Hello T and 100M magazines. 


“Since the addition of IDEA as our communications partner, our external communications capabilities have been enhanced, with tangible results in terms of earned media coverage and other metrics,” said Beverly Tan, head of regional communications, Performance Materials of BASF.

Helena Ma brings with her a wealth of experience and a truly cosmopolitan perspective, having lived and worked in Shanghai, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and London, UK. Her stints in Europe and China has armed Helena with a potent blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary Western knowledge which she incorporates into business management and client project