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Chongqing Connectivity Initiative (CCI)


  1. To build public awareness of the CCI
  2. To improve public perception of the CCI


Securing media coverage in reputable media titles was a key objective in IDEA Communication’s campaign for the CCI. IDEA’s multilingual team of writers and designers produced a 14-page collateral on the CCI, painstakingly written in both Mandarin and English. IDEA also worked to secure a feature article in China Daily on the CCI, and the increasingly broader and deeper trade links between Singapore and China. Last but not least, Helena Ma, founder and managing director of IDEA Communication, also worked to facilitate the China Entrepreneur Golf Club’s visit to Singapore in 2015, which paved the way for the deepening of ties between Singaporean and Chinese businesses.


“Good progress is being made on both sides of the CCI, and in no small part due to the good work of IDEA Communication, our communications and public relations partner in Singapore,” said Gordon Tan, general manager of the Sino-Singapore Chongqing Connectivity Solutions (SSCCS).

Helena Ma brings with her a wealth of experience and a truly cosmopolitan perspective, having lived and worked in Shanghai, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and London, UK. Her stints in Europe and China has armed Helena with a potent blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary Western knowledge which she incorporates into business management and client project