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Swedish Spirit of Innovation


To build awareness of Swedish brands in China


An integrated communications strategy spanning 6 months from January to June 2017, mainly comprising community activation, content aggregation, an aggressive social media campaign, and a public event to commemorate Sweden’s National Day. The campaign culminated in a public event to celebrate Sweden’s National Day, representing a public exhibition of the Swedish Spirit of Innovation to stakeholders as well as members of the public.

As a result, our campaign fostered greater employee engagement and loyalty; cemented the reputation of Swedish businesses as both innovative and attractive employers and as appealing business partners; further developed the existing Swedish community in China; and established a foundation upon which future Sino-Swedish collaborative efforts could be built.


“We are grateful for Helena’s cross-cultural knowledge and experience, which proved invaluable in bridging the gap between Swedish businesses and the Chinese market. IDEA’s work for us has paved the way and set the tone for broader and deeper relations between businesses in the two countries in the future,” said David Hallgren, General Manager of Business Sweden China.

Helena Ma brings with her a wealth of experience and a truly cosmopolitan perspective, having lived and worked in Shanghai, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and London, UK. Her stints in Europe and China has armed Helena with a potent blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary Western knowledge which she incorporates into business management and client project