Objectives: To build a coherent brand identity and key message(s) To secure positive media coverage and combat negative perception of blockchain start-ups To build brand awareness Solution: A multi-pronged, multi-stage strategy underpinned by strong brand communication – encompassing brand messaging, managing brand perception, and brand differentiation – and B2B marketing. Paramount to this strategy was […]


Objectives 1) To build brand awareness in expansion markets 2) To combat negative perception of UCommune as a ‘copycat’ of WeWork   Solution A three-pronged, multi-faceted approach comprising marketing, PR, and social media, we worked to portray the company as a product of Chinese innovation and ingenuity, and not a mere copy of a Western […]



Objectives: To build regional and global brand awareness To build media relations and secure press coverage To enhance public brand engagement through social media and other online channels Solution: An integrated approach that included brand communication (reinforcing Qtum’s identity as a brand and raising brand awareness), social media engagement (engaging the blockchain community on social […]