What is IDEA Communication Pte Ltd?

IDEA Communication Pte Ltd is a service-minded and creative multi-disciplinary marketing, public relations and communications consultancy based in Singapore. Encompassing an integrated yet differentiated set of initiatives, IDEA’s mission is to be a one-stop solutions boutique agency that will maximise and sustain the commercial value of the brands we collaborate with through a diverse range of platforms. Representing the four tenets of ‘Innovation’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Execution’ and ‘Adaptability’, IDEA taps on its vast repository of cross-industry resources and insights, reliable industrial knowledge, and its pristine customer service standard to help you achieve the highest possible level of customer engagement in your respective industries.

Who owns IDEA?

Helena Ma is the Managing Director and Founder of IDEA Communication Pte Ltd. Harnessing her expertise in communications, brand marketing, global perspective and multilingualism, she brings to the table an acute business understanding and a wealth of entrepreneurial resources.

What services does IDEA provide?

IDEA provides a holistic bouquet of consultancy services, including brand and market entry strategies, market research, external communication, public affairs, and corporate communications.

Under brand strategies we offer brand creative consultancy, copywriting and content creation, graphic and brochure design, digital webpage creation, event planning, social media management and consultancy and brand partnerships.

These highly targeted channels are bolstered by our provision of media strategies for public relations, which include media training and press pitching, feature stories, press coverage analysis reports, press release drafts and dissemination, influencer activation and media engagement activities.

As a way of value-adding for our esteemed clients, we have a digital magazine hosted on our website and social media channels, IDEATE. This thoughtfully curated publication will contain S$5,000 worth of business coverage and quality editorials per issue – free-of-charge for our c-suite clientele.

Pre-existing initiatives of IDEA Communication are:

IDEA Collaborative:
A platform that facilitates access to creative talents like graphic designers, videographers and UI/UX specialists

Heart For Dream:
A charity project that connects charity groups with family offices, institutional investors, social entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies that have CSR needs.

Lead The Change:
Lead The Change is a community of leading Singaporean women who have made a statement in their various industries, and wish to advocate further change in various issues including environmental, education and women’s rights. Creating a network to inspire the women of tomorrow, Lead The Change gives participants the chance to meet the movers and shakers of feminism in Singapore, without the hassle of scouting for LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Through social media engagement, the organisation of events and the sharing of publications written by women leaders, this initiative engages its followers on a sustained, intensive basis, culminating in a conference and social enterprise.

Eventually, IDEA Group will morph into an even more dynamic version of its current self, with an IDEA Digital (AR solutions, TV and commercial campaign) arm in the works, in addition to IDEA Events (Leadership conference), IDEA Executive Club (exclusive access to wine tasting events, dinners, lunches, personalised seminars with industry leaders and chamber of commerce, and coverage in IDEATE magazine) and IDEA concierge (exclusive business concierge for consulting clients to access our global premium resources).

What is IDEA Collaborative?

IDEA Collaborative extends a network of freelance creative resources to our consulting clients, in the spirit of eliminating the conventional uncertainties involved in the process of liaising with individual freelancers. We match your company’s creative needs with specialised copywriters, designers, videographers and web developers, to ensure transparency and diversity for the smooth and effective execution of your marketing projects. In future, IDEA Collaborative will offer retail and consulting services too.

What is Heart For Dream?

Companies play an ever-pertinent role in shaping the society and business landscape in today’s era of uncertainty with political institutions. Research has shown that 7 in 10 employees are more keen on working for a CEO who demonstrates a greater purpose, as employees believe it is more essential for companies to keep in mind purpose rather than profits. Inspired to further accelerate the trend of companies making a deeper societal impact, IDEA launched Heart For Dream, a base for our clients to access a network of charitable partners in the corporate and non-profit spheres.
Heart For Dream suggests charity organisations based on your unique organisational goal, conducts field analysis and conceptualises an actionable game plan for you. Our bespoke campaigns will run for at least a month, with the targeted outcomes tailored to your intentions and needs.
Heart For Dream is envisioned to develop into an independent fund management or charity consulting service – a unifying force that allows companies to leverage on a concentrated pool of organisations and maximise the impact of their CSR contributions.

Who are IDEA’s clients?

Companies who have chosen us as their preferred communication partner are established names in both their niche industries and internationally, such as BASF, Volvo, IKEA, UCommune, Fosun International Ltd and GNC. We also serve a variety of Fortune 500 MNCs, technology and government sector clients.

Which industrial sectors do IDEA’s clients belong to?

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds such as the automobile, workspace sharing, media, business, construction machinery, real estate management, payment technology and block chain technology industries.

Does IDEA work with startups?

IDEA welcomes the chance to help startups grow amidst the competitive ecosystem, so get in touch with us.

Who are IDEA’s media partners?

Your brand stands to receive coverage by top news agencies like Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, and reputed publications like The Financial Times’ FT Magazine and The Economist.

How do I get started on a project with IDEA?

Please contact our Managing Director, Helena Ma, at +65 97243153 (Singapore) or +86 134 8833 1657 (China). IDEA is located at 9 Temasek Boulevard, #07-00, Suntec Tower II, Singapore 038989, T: +65 6850 7366, F: +65 6850 7399. We would be delighted to have a chat with you to understand your specific needs.

What is the collaboration process like?

We work based on projects, under a negotiated timeline that is established at the start of each collaboration. Upon gaining insight into your goals and company’s ethos, we recommend services and multi-pronged marketing plans that will reap quick and long-termed results for your brand. The following is a brief outline of the workflow.

IDEA compiles analysis reports after observing the market sentiment and measuring readership and open rate on print, digital sites and social media. Our client will receive these reports on a regular basis.

Through a content management software, IDEA will share the approved media list with our client and distribute it at an approved time.

IDEA obtains the client’s approval on the editorial calendar and boilerplate.

Our team of experienced copywriters will engage in intensive research and craft the required content (eg. corporate report, press tool kit, press release or feature story) with the client’s brand communication guideline as an anchor.

Why has IDEA chosen to be a one-stop communications consultancy?

Consistency – to our values, mission and ethos – lies at the core of IDEA, and it is an important quality to have when telling your brand’s story. We believe that our integrated range of services will help companies convey a strongly persuasive message and reduce marketing and designing costs. Working together with a client to fulfil all of the client’s needs will also ensure synchrony and cultivate a deep, enduring relationship based on trust and mutual appreciation. Our approach is dynamic and showcases our versatility, a vital skill given the constantly evolving nature of the business environment.