So what is collaborative marketing?

A purposeful platform that empowers the many charities through bridging tech, values, creativity and capital. Heart4Dream embodies the core values of transparency, care and inclusiveness and paves the way for a sustainable partnership that maximises value for both corporations and our charity partners.

There is a gap to fill…

53% of employees believe that companies should improve theirlives and only 9 % deliver.

Why and how we conduct collaborative marketing?

What We Do
What we do

Heart4Dream is a proprietary, home-grown initiative by Singapore PR Consultancy  IDEA Communication. A platform to facilitate collaborative marketing and to add value to our clients’ CSR endeavours through rigorous research, analysis, strategy, and actionable campaigns. It is envisaged that Heart4Dream will become an integrated platform that will bring together our corporate clients and charity partners, the likes of which have never been seen before – a one-stop-shop for all your collaborative marketing needs.

work process
Our Work Process


Through intense brainstorming sessions often lasting hours, the IDEA team – consisting of writers, designers, and creatives, each with their own area of expertise and unique perspective – produces integrated campaigns for our clients, encompassing overall strategy, duration, content, and more; in line with the client’s brief. The finished product is then pitched to our clients before any further action is taken.


Upon receiving the green light from our corporate clients, we begin liaising with our charity and other not-for-profit partners, ensuring a good match between our clients’ CSR objectives and the charity, taking into account factors such as the charity’s profile, their work, and their beneficiaries.


Having found a suitable charitable partner, and with the client’s approval, campaign execution can commence. Our bespoke, tailor-made campaigns run for anywhere from 1 to 6 months, with regular monitoring, analysis, and guaranteed deliverables. Our team will track campaign progress in real time, ensuring that key objectives are met.

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