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With the digitalisation of the economy in recent years, the Agriculture sector has changed dramatically, and organisations need to be prepared to both face new challenges and seize new opportunities that will inevitably arise.

Having been on the receiving end of the digital revolution, the agriculture sector now has to face both new challenges and unprecedented opportunities. It is time for companies in agriculture to sit up and take notice – the next growth curve for agriculture can only be achieved through digital innovation in the sector. It can transform the entire input supply chain, crop management cycle, storage and market access. The trend has begun to pick up as more and more agri-innovation start-up ventures are popping up in the sector looking at modernising agriculture by bringing in applications in precision agriculture, traceability, climate control, and natural resource management; all through the advent of technology and digitalisation.

From a more PR-centric perspective, animal health and well-being remain contentious issues. There is now a heightened clamour for meat alternatives, amid global concerns for the environment and animal welfare. Public awareness of livestock and poultry husbandry has been heightened, and ethical concerns have been raised. Companies must now navigate these challenges and restore reputations, as an increasing proportion of the population turn to vegetarianism and veganism.

As global demand shifts, lower production and strict regulations call for careful planning, shrewd strategy, and effective communications. At IDEA, we understand the complexities. We know the market, your audience, and your message.

Our global network of specialists can identify the right angles and the most effective strategy, conveying your story to a global audience. From media relations to crisis management, we do it all.

Helena Ma brings with her a wealth of experience and a truly cosmopolitan perspective, having lived and worked in Shanghai, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and London, UK. Her stints in Europe and China has armed Helena with a potent blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary Western knowledge which she incorporates into business management and client project