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Manufacturing and Industrial

Globalization is driving large-scale change in the Manufacturing and Industrial sector. Traditional market structures and business models are becoming increasingly obsolete, and evolution is needed, or companies risk being left in the dust. With the advent of Industry 4.0, manufacturing processes have become – and will continue to be – increasingly automated, as factories and other infrastructure become more integrated and efficient than ever before. Companies in the sector will be forced to embrace this radical new climate, or risk getting forced out of the market.

Of course, embracing change and driving this innovation can be both scary and risky – the oft-cited quote, “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” springs to mind. How can a company maintain a consistent and coherent brand image and identity while embracing change? How can a company build and maintain trust with customers through change? 

As your communications partner, IDEA will help you answer these questions. We’ll help keep you visible and relevant. We understand – after all, we know your business. We’ve been positioning manufacturing and industrial firms like yours for years. Whether it’s traditional media, branding strategy, or crisis communications, we know how to build effective B2B campaigns that get people talking. 

Helena Ma brings with her a wealth of experience and a truly cosmopolitan perspective, having lived and worked in Shanghai, China; Gothenburg, Sweden; and London, UK. Her stints in Europe and China has armed Helena with a potent blend of ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary Western knowledge which she incorporates into business management and client project