CEGC’s saw successful completion of its first-ever Singapore visit

In partnerships with local business associations and companies, China Entrepreneur Golf Club (known as CEGC) staged a five-day tight-knitted agenda during 23-27 August in Singapore, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sino-China diplomatic relationship and to forge stronger business ties with local business communities.

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Sino-China diplomatic relationship, a total of 19 Chinese elite entrepreneur golfers flew in to Singapore at the end of August this year to carry out its first official visit in Singapore, realising the master plan conceived at its parent club – China Entrepreneur Club (known as CEC)’s high-level visit with PM Lee Hsien Loong last year.

The five-day program incorporated a myriad of activities woven intricately around business and golf, including three rounds of golf tournaments played against members of local business associations at iconic national country clubs, luncheons with local business associations and business visits at Singapore’s homegrown companies.



The golf tournament kicked out at the Orchid Country Club (OCC) with two other rounds hosted by Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) and Laguna National Golf Country Club (LNGCC). Despite of the acclimatization to the warm and humid weather, the players’ enthusiasm were not dampened a whit. The early morning flights on 24th morning at OCC’s Vanda/ Dendro courses saw breezy weather conditions and 24-strong team with 22 gentlemen and two ladies teed up for personal glory. The undulating landscape at LNGCC posted a challenge the day after to the Chinese players who fought through the drizzles and the “ups and downs” in true spirits of optimism and camaraderie.

The five-day event culminated in a full-force 18 hole played at the prestigious SICC with a sumptuous round-table lunch served over a vintage Maotai, China’s heritage rice liquor, brought over by the most veteran golfer in the group, also a Singapore returnee Su Jiancheng, who is today executive director at the crisis management institute of the distinguished Shanghai Jiaotong University. “I feel at home since here is where I lived 20 years ago when I listed Asatiles Ceramic Group in Singapore in 1998, with Temasek as the majority stake-owner. At that time we didn’t have Marina Bay Sands and look at how it has developed today – amazing!” said the cheerful professor, who has recently ventured into O2O start-up incubation in his mid-life.


“We are honoured to receive CEGC delegation amidst the Singapore 50 celebration and the 25th Sino-Singapore diplomatic relationship. Singapore is a nation built on spirit of optimism, integrity and resilience and today, we are here not only to share those core values with our Chinese friends who come from afar, but also to relive the spirit of our founding father Lee Kuan Yew, who built the infrastructure of our country and championed golf as a sport with grit and foresight. In that spirit, we rejoice over golf and embrace the stronger business relationship in the future, “said Seah Moon Ming, Chairman of SBF, executive director & Group CEO of Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd.

The non-competitive games saw those who performed better being rewarded with tree-plantation certificate by CEGC captain Niu Gengsheng, Founder and Chairman of China’s largest dairy group Mengniu Group. An inner-Mongolian born, Niu is today giving his undivided attention to nurturing his namesake charity foundation, aimed at promoting natural conservation through increasing forestry plantation in northern part of China.

The ensuing business activities saw the CEGC members being warmly received by Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Sino-China Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), and International Enterprise (IE) in forms of business luncheons and seminars. In addition, the CEGC delegation visited Singapore’s home-grown giants including Singpost, Temasek and Grabtaxi. With this trip laying a solid foundation, the Sino-Singapore bilateral business activities – and surely golf developments too – is yet to see another blossoming 25 years.


Background introduction:

China Entrepreneur Golf Club (known as CEGC), is a subsidiary of China Entrepreneur Club (known as CEC). Founded in 2007 on a set of disciplines benchmarked against Augusta National Course principles, CEGC’s upholds the value of sportsmanship, camaraderie and leverages golf as platform to forge cross-border business dialogues, investment opportunities and cultural exchange.

China Entrepreneur Club was established in 2006 by a group of 31 China’s most influential first –generation entrepreneurs, economists and diplomats, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, develop intra-club business collaboration and forge international relationships. Founded as a non-profit organisation, CEC is committed to business integrity, mutual support and sustainable social and economic development. Today it has developed in to a 46-member-strong organisation an aggregate business asset evaluated in excessive of USD 313 billion.

Notable members include e-commerce mogul Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), manufacturing giant Liu Chuanzhi (Chairman and CEO of Lenovo), real-estate tycoon Wang Jianlin (CEO and founder of Wanda Group) and pharmaceutical guru Guo Guangchang (founder of Fosun Group). Incorporating China’s ancient Confucius and Tao values, CEC members are also known as Daonong, literally translated as farmers who practice the law of Tao. As part of its staple annual program, CEC feature China Entrepreneur Golf Education, Daonong Gala, Green Company Alliance, GECG cross-border visits and CEC cross-border high-level visit, the latter of which has seen CEC members received by world-known politicians such as Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Tony Abbott and Barack Obama.


Sino-Singapore 25th anniversary of bilateral relationship

The CEGC Singapore visit happened in the context of the 25th anniversary of Sino-Singapore diplomatic relationship. On the government reception held for Singaporean politician delegation in July in China, Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of National Congress of China underscored the importance of strengthening the bilateral tie between Singapore and China, “Singapore is the largest capital investor and off-shore trading market for RMB. Notable projects involving the bilateral effort include Suzhou Industrial Zone, Tianjin Eco Zone and etc. An extensive scale of investment has been made in finance, technology, human resource, education and culture, social development sectors.” The third intra-government collaboration project highlighting modern service economy and modern communication is currently being conceived to build the infrastructure between the two countries.

“25 years isn’t too long and we have rapidly developed strong bilateral relationships during the period. As long as we maintain the pragmatic spirit and keep on renovating our collaborating format, we will surely see our relationships deepening in the future decades, “says Tony Tan, president of Singapore.


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