China’s Coworking Unicorn Rebrands as Ucommune with Five New and Exciting Product Lines

Ucommune (28 December 2017 Beijing) – China’s largest co-working space provider URwork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co., Ltd has rebranded itself from URwork Beijing to Ucommune today. This is a strategic move to strengthen its community support and the leadership position in China.


China’s coworking unicorn, URwork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co. Ltd, its rebranding conference in Beijing today. As of 01 January 2018, URwork will be rebranded as Ucommune and all press mentions will be known as Ucommune. 

This rebrand is the result of extensive market research on our community members for the past three years. Ucommune embraces the company’s transformation from a business model based on asset optimisation and physical space management to corporate service and smart building economy. Ucommune is built on a seamless community ecosystem between people and space. 


A brand that embraces community 

Drawing inspiration on the artwork, The Dance of Henri Matisse, created by Henri Émile Benoît Matisse (1869-1954), the logo made up of five “U”. Ucommune’s logo is a dynamic interpretation of this era characterized by Internet, sharing economy, digital connectivity and coworking industry. The launch of the new brand identity mirrors Ucommune’s commitment to strengthening the community synergy as well as people-oriented service. 

“Henri Mattise’s work boasts rich connotation to community and perfectly embodies how Ucommune can shape a new world,” explains Mr Han Jiaying, logo designer and founder of Han Jiaying design. “The rule of community applies as much to the ancient time as it does to today’s community- oriented society. Since the stone age, human beings exist in groups and develop through relying on the collective strength,” Mr Han adds.

At the center the brand is “U”. “U” stands for unity and community. The logo represents reciprocal exchange of ideas, thoughts and opinions between members in a seamless manner, symbolized in primitive dancing form of the logo. ‘Commune’ draws the link between inclusiveness, collaboration, connectivity and embracing the higher aim of humanity as a collective entity. ‘U’ and ‘commune’ combined, emphasizes the concept of a collective group bounded by common interest and purpose.

“Community thinking is an ability we all need to embrace, through taking a community – or people- oriented approach. The limitation of the physical space gives way to the extensive possibility that the coworking synergy brings. The desk is just the linking point. We hope that Ucommune’s rebranding can set the standard for China’s coworking industry and promote the innovation-driven model for the whole industry,” says Mr Mao Daqing, founder of Ucommune.


Revamped product line central to 2018 growth strategy 

Apart from the new brand launch, Ucommune has also launched five product lines based on each functionality and positioning. Through creating five different types of products, we create contexts to cater better to the varied needs of our members: 

  • Matrix – flagship, benchmark, international. As the flagship product, Matrix line of the products are an amalgamation of all the values and best practices that fundamentally define Ucommune. Matrix is a management central that standardizes operational services;
  • Elite – business, efficiency, excellence. As a product that focuses on white-collars at MNCs and established tech companies, Elite can be found in A+ grade buildings and provides excellent meeting and conference amenities for business men and women;
  • Clash – cutting-edge, technological and futuristic. Positioned to serve small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). This product line zooms into fast-growing companies in niche segments. Clash is where business opportunities and new commercial inspirations are sparked through aggregating creative industry, creative professionals and creative ideas;
  • Box – innovation, dynamism, future. Focused on SMEs and corporates, Box features flexible geographical locations and is in constant morphosis to adapt to the changing environments. Box is an amalgamation of multiple possibilities. “Life is a box of chocolates – its filled with possibilities.”
  • Heritage – legacy, classic, humanity. Juxtaposing historical architecture and sharing art space, Ucommune features some of the most culturally-enriching spaces one can imagine. Through incorporating coworking elements into historic relics, the ancient architecture evokes a sense of cultural renaissance and an office working experience that transcends time and space


“Ucommune is actively pushing the boundary and upgrading its product line to better service the growing community built round a shared passion for innovation. We are continuously working towards bringing connectivity and service benchmarked against the exacting standard to the many entrepreneurs and creative professionals worldwide,” said Mr. Mao. 

Founded in April 2015, UrWork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co., Ltd, is a leading co-working space provider in China that provides start-ups, SMEs and corporate tenants with on-demand, short-term leasing and customised space solutions at an exceptional value. Backed by renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital, Zhen Fund, Noah Wealth Management, Sinovation Ventures, Ucommune posts a C round valuation of US$ 1.3 billion.  Aggregating over 1000 professional business service suppliers across a broad spectrum, Ucommune serves over 100,000 individual members and over 5000 enterprises and has established 120 locations in 35 cities, six countries, covering a total area of 400,000 sqm. Ucommune offers in-house Express Financing program and a series of acceleration programs to help start-ups scale. It also partners with Chinese government agencies through its Link China Program to help foreign start-ups ease market-entry in to China.


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