Ed-Tech Company Tenopy Partners with AMKFSC to Provide Online Classes

8 June 2020, Singapore Singapore Ed-Tech company Tenopy has inked an MOU with AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. (AMKFSC), providing Mathematics, English and Science online tutoring classes and contents to AMKFSC’s students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to help them continue studies amidst the continued COVID-19 upheaval.  

Tenopy, the leading Ed-Tech company in Singapore specialising in live online tutoring classes, will provide a group of students with free access to live online classes and personalised learning experiences through their platform. AMKFSC is a social service agency that provides a holistic range of services to support children, youths, families and seniors at multiple touchpoints across Singapore. This initiative, first of its kind in Singapore, will benefit their students ranging from Primary 3 to Secondary 2 levels.

In addition to the live online classes, Tenopy will provide free recorded lessons and homework materials to AMKFSC volunteer tutors to aid them in providing professional level tutoring to students in Primary 3 to Secondary 2 English, Science and Maths.

“Our vision is to make the highest quality classes and learning accessible to the many students,” says Tenopy founder Soh Chong Kian. “This partnership with AMKFSC takes us further in realising this vision. Every student deserves access to quality education and learning experiences and we are pleased to offer free classes to students who need them the most in this difficult time.”

Education is an important social leveller especially for children from disadvantaged background. This valuable partnership with Tenopy through their experienced tutors provides the much-needed academic support to our children.  When their literacy and academic performance improve, our children would be more confident and motivated to keep doing well in school.” said Dr Vincent Ng, Chief Executive Officer, AMKFSC.

Since Tenopy’s launch in 2017, the platform has attracted over 2000 students subscribing online to its annual programmes and workshops in English, Chinese, Math and Science. The fast-growing online education platform has developed its in-house teachers, proprietary curriculum and technology to ensure the highest quality of learning. It also personalises learning paths by leveraging data tracking and analytics – unique advantages of learning online – to enable effective learning.

“Tenopy’s education philosophy is centred around developing the student’s independent thinking and subject specific skills. Ed-Tech constantly innovates to make online learning a superior learning experience compared to offline learning, offering diversified teaching solutions with affordability,” explains Chong Kian.


2020年6月8日– 新加坡 — 位于新加坡的教育科技公司Tenopy与 宏茂桥家庭与社区服务(AMKFSC Community Services Ltd.)签署了谅解备忘录,为宏茂桥家庭与社区服务(AMKSFC)来自困难家庭的学生提供数学、英语和科学线上辅导课程,以帮助他们在疫情期间顺利继续学业。


除线上直播课程外, Tenopy还会为AMKFSC的志愿辅导教师提供免费录制课程和教材,以帮助他们为小学3年级到中学2年级的英语、科学和数学学生提供专业辅导。

我们的愿景是使最高质量的课程和学习机会可供广大学生使用,”Tenopy 的创始人苏忠建说道。“本次与AMKFSC的合作让我们进一步接近实现这个愿景。我们会为在目前这段困难时期最需要的学生们提供免费课程和内容。”

“教育对推动社会平等起到重要作用,特别是对于家庭条件困难的儿童。通过Tenopy旗下经验丰富的导师线上合作,我们为急需数字教育的家庭提供支持。通过提升识字能力和学习成绩,让我们社区的孩子更有信心和动力提升在校的表现,” AMKFSC首席执行官黄志强博士说。

自Tenopy在线教育平台于2017年推出以来,已经吸引了2000多名全年订阅生,及英语,汉语,数学和科学学科的workshop。 Tenopy的年度计划包括每周一次的在线课程,在该课程中,老师与在家中登录的学生进行实时互动,并通过在线功课评分和问答进行个性化指导。通过在线上课,Tenopy通过跟踪学生的反应数据, 及其在每个学科的重要技能上的进步来个性化定制学习路径。


快速发展的在线教育平台Tenopy已经开发了内部教师,专有课程,教学方法和科技,以确保学院最高的学习质量。 Tenopy的教育理念围绕培养学生的独立思考能力和特定学科的技能,而不是训练学生在不理解的情况下在考试中取得良好的成绩。 Tenopy还一直致力于发挥在线学习的独特优势,即通过数据跟踪和分析来塑造有效的学习。该平台的用户还发现在线学习很方便,可以节省大量成本。

“无论他们的家庭背景如何,每个学生都应获得优质的教育和学习经验。与线下学习相比,教育科技不断创新,赋能卓越的在线学习体验,并提供价格合理的最佳线上教学体验,” 忠建解释说。



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