Helena Ma Atelier debuts solo photography exhibition with a philanthropic cause


In this powerful series, the emerging photographer reveals the raw human encounters that she has captured in this decade across Asia and Europe

SINGAPORE – On 19 Dec, Helena Ma debuted her provocative solo photography exhibition at The Fullerton Heritage Gallery, Singapore. Attended by notable art collectors and key business leaders from Singapore and China, the exhibition raised funds for DEBRA, an international medical research charity for “butterfly children” suffering from a rare genetic condition that causes their extremely fragile skin to tear or blister at the slightest touch.


Titled ‘Ode to Life’, the vernissage presents a raw, intimate series of life and its ‘great mundanity’, as captured by eponymous founder, photography enthusiast and agency director Helena Ma’s past decade living in Europe and Asia.


Through this palette-rich manifesto of faces and silhouettes, Ma investigates the emotions and mystery that are lost in the mundanities of everyday life. Shot against the familiar background of Asian cities, it is a powerful medley of light and texture, where spontaneous moments reveal ordinary life from an unusual perspective. Tapping into the natural, human curiosity, the intimate photographs challenges the jaded mind to appreciate everyday encounters with art, love and compassion, in this modern world.


Born and raised in China, Ma is an emerging photographer with a career spanning five countries: South Korea, China, Sweden, UK and Singapore. Since she picked up her first professional camera at the age of 20, the self-taught enthusiast has pursued her passion for photography extensively in the last decade, especially through her travels.

“Ode to Life represents my life’s work. This first edition offers the bold and beautiful whimsical moments that I have seized for the past ten years, in my travels around the world. From wandering the streets at night to intimate moments of my personal life, I have sought to freeze fractions of a second, as seen from my eyes, heart and mind,” says Ma.

The first of many solo exhibitions to come, ‘Ode to Life’ is a culmination of Ma’s decade-long collection. From urban landscapes to the storied moments of Ma’s personal life, each photograph is a spiritual story, where Ma is the unspoken raconteur. Merging the extension of her human psyche with abstract, painting-like finishes, Ma composes a thoughtful medley existential and spiritual. The exhibition also provides an intimate peek into the transformation and growth of Ma’s photography style, from architectural imagery to sensory expressions.

Read more on https://read-a.com/a-decade-of-photos-help-children-with-rare-condition/.


摄影新星Helena Ma通过本次展览呈现其过去十年间游历亚欧时见证的人间百态


【新加坡,2019年12月19日】Helena Ma的首场个人摄影展在富乐顿酒店画廊举行。本次展览以《生命颂歌》为主题,展现摄影师Helena Ma过去十年在欧洲和亚洲生活时所经历的诸多难忘时刻,致敬生命中“伟大的平凡”。 本次展览同时旨在为救助蝴蝶皮肤病患儿的慈善机构DEBRA筹集资金。来自新加坡和中国的著名艺术收藏家和商业领袖莅临展览现场。

Helena Ma在中国出生及成长,2013年移居新加坡之前,她曾在韩国、瑞典和英国生活。作为一位自学成才的摄影师,她20岁时得到了人生中的第一台佳能450D,自此义无反顾地走上了追求风格化的图像美学的道路。


“《生命颂歌》代表了我的人生作品。首次展览呈现了我过去十年周游世界的过程中,所捕捉到的美好而难忘的时刻。从街景夜色到我的个人生活,我希望定格我的所见、所爱、所感, 及对世界和人文的关怀。每个人视角都由其所处的环境和生命历练构成,我希望通过观察和思考获得独立而独特的思维视角”Helena  Ma如是说。

本次摄影展《生命颂歌》汇聚了Helena Ma十年来的经典作品。从都市景观到摄影师的个人生活,每张照片都是一个精神故事,在其背后是Helena Ma的无声讲述。她善于捕捉光影之中的纹理、线条和明暗变换,并通过这些元素窥探人类心灵的潜意识领域,将我们肉眼可见范围之外的东西呈现给观者,让现实照进精神。通过本次展览,同时可以窥见摄影师的成长历程,以及Helena Ma从建筑摄影到精神世界表达的摄影风格变化。


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