IDEA Communication Pte Ltd to Undertake Several Communication Collaborations with Hospitality Clients

Possessing a diverse portfolio spanning an eclectic range of industries such as real estate and inter-government strategic partnerships, IDEA Communication Pte Ltd has recently signed partnerships with a number of companies in the highly competitive hospitality industry, encapsulating IDEA’s testament to forging an increasingly formidable global presence – with partner companies including the Wellesley Hotel, a London luxury boutique hotel, Café Royal London, and Sanchaya, a luxury resort in Bintan, Indonesia, among other names. Citing the motivation behind the partnership, Wellesley London’s General Manager, Steffano Loni, voiced that, “As a relatively small and little-known boutique hotel, we believe that integrated communications consultancy, IDEA Communication, can assist us in magnifying our international presence in various travel and media publications”. 

The hospitality industry has significantly large barriers to entry and it is difficult for fresh entrants in the market to immediately wrest market share amidst the clout and influence wielded by large, long-established players such as the bigger names under the Dorchestor Collection and Hilton Group. In addition, contenders have to keep abreast of the revolutionary tide sweeping the hospitality industry – the rise of next-generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in this sector. In light of continued competition from the disruptive hospitality industry – of which big names include Airbnb – the traditional hospitality industry looks to be confronted with a fair amount of pressure that encourages participants to up their ante. Fortunately, these changes also encompass the opportunity to leverage on big data to enhance the level of customisation for personalised consumer experience. However, implementing changes is one thing, conveying them to consumers who have been accustomed to conventionality in this industry is another.

Under the leadership and guidance of Founder and Managing Director, Helena Ma, whose wealth of experience in the cosmopolitan landscapes of China, Sweden, the UK and Singapore endow invaluable insight, IDEA Communication is poised to help its hospitality clientele procure more customers or reiterate its prominence – depending on the client’s experience in the industry. Believing that a coherent brand identity and narrative can move mountains, IDEA intends to obtain more media coverage for the Wellesley Hotel in key travel and lifestyle publications in China, to further attract patronage for Wellesley from this extremely viable consumer market. IDEA’s strong relations with various media titles and cavern of contacts accumulated over the years will also put IDEA on firm footing to help its hospitality clients attain coveted positions at the forefront of the hospitality canon in their respective countries and niche markets. 

In short, IDEA aims to achieve what Francois Xavier Schoeffer, General Manager of Café Royal London, deems as “relentless efforts to ensure that we continue to punch above our weight”. 

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