IDEA Communication to be Chemical Industry Giant BASF’s Communication Consultant

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Renowned not just for its name alone but for its dedication and commitment to environmental sustainability, BASF SE is an international conglomerate founded in Germany, dealing in the manufacture of chemical products. BASF is the first company in this industrial domain that has declared that it will certify all its biomass balanced products according to the new REDcert2 standard for the chemical industry by the end of 2019, setting the bar for its counterparts in the chemical production field. This entails that BASF has begun moulding a new best practice for the industry – replacing fossil resources with renewables in the foremost stage of the product manufacturing process to maximise natural resources, alleviating the pressure of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer and in turn, the rising temperatures in the stratosphere. IDEA Communication is greatly honoured to have been selected among a plethora of communications firms and conferred the privilege of collaborating with a company that converges so closely with the tenor of IDEA’s ethos, which resounds with gravitas in the oft-neglected aspect of ethical responsibility. 

IDEA Communication’s role as BASF’s preferred communications partner underscores BASF’s strategic move to further augment the profile of its subsidiaries and joint ventures, which aggregate to a brand presence that surpasses 80 countries, besides representing an extensive transnational network constituted by operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa. BASF has also developed high-tech plastics used to build cobots or collaborative robots. In recognition of IDEA Communication’s Founder and Managing Director, Helena Ma’s cosmopolitan outlook – having lived and worked in China, Sweden, the UK, and Singapore – BASF has entrusted IDEA Communication to reinforce BASF’s indisputable record as a leading, cutting-edge manufacturer that conceptualised the REDcert2 standard and has been listed on the Climate Leadership index since 2006. 

IDEA Communication will take on the mantle of devising multi-pronged campaigns to amplify BASF’s media presence and increase BASF’s marketing efforts through the planning and executing of trade shows, alongside the crafting of editorials and articles to disseminate BASF’s messages and practices to a widespread audience vis-à-vis the technicality inherent to this niche industry. All in all, IDEA Communication will extend BASF’s reputation amongst other businesses to support BASF in its B2B relations, as well as propagate BASF’s good name within its industry.

“As one of the world’s biggest chemical companies, BASF was looking for a like-minded communications agency with international experience and a global perspective, and IDEA stepped up to the plate. IDEA’s diverse team comprises individuals with strong business, journalistic and creative pedigrees who possess experience across a wide range of sectors. We have unyielding faith in IDEA’s sterling abilities in communications” said Beverly Tan, Head of Regional Communications Performance Materials of BASF.

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