IDEA Communication to be PR bulwark for Business Sweden 

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The Swedish Spirit of Innovation is a bilateral Sino-Swedish joint initiative that advocates the quintessence of Swedish business – innovation – and increased collaboration between China and Sweden, as well as enhanced Chinese market visibility for Swedish brands like IKEA, Volvo and Ericsson. This initiative aims to bolster the achievements of the Swedish Expo Committee at the World Expo 2010, capitalising on the warm sentiments towards Swedish businesses in China cultivated through the Expo to garner further regard among Chinese consumers and businesses with the potential to engage in B2B dealings with Swedish companies. 

It is an opportune time for Swedish businesses to set up a presence in China now as China is currently Sweden’s largest trading partner in Asia. There have been intensified trade flows between China and Sweden from a few years ago, leading to over 600 Swedish companies branching out into the vast Chinese market. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the ever-expanding multitude of Chinese businesses could overwhelm the Swedish businesses in China as Chinese consumers may turn to the former in a spirit of patriotism. 

IDEA Communication Pte Ltd’s role is hence foregrounded in the face of the urgency in sustaining awareness of Swedish businesses and the quality products they offer – something which the Chinese and Swedish businesses belonging to The Swedish Spirit of Innovation collective recognised, upon which they promptly established a partnership with IDEA Communication as the collective’s sole communication consultancy. Bringing to the table its ability to reap immense results within modest time frames, IDEA Communication will forestall the dilution of Swedish business presence in China through campaigns targeted at communicating the Swedish brand in a manner that emphasises its unique viability in the areas of environmental sustainability, creativity and innovation, in addition to public relations efforts in the aspect of investor relationship building to secure more investment opportunities for Swedish companies. With plans to roll out an intensive community engagement social media campaign and organise an event that will help Swedish businesses to be more prolific in the Chinese market, IDEA Communication looks set to reaffirm the competitiveness and attractiveness of this segment of the Chinese market for the elevation of the Swedish name.

David Hallgren, General Manager of Business Sweden China, elucidates how IDEA Communication’s Founder and Managing Director, Helena Ma’s “cross-cultural knowledge and experience” will “prove invaluable in bridging the gap between Swedish businesses and the Chinese market”. “IDEA is more than capable of setting the tone for deepening relations between businesses in the two countries in the future”.

Volvo hybrid city bus in Swedish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo – Image credit:

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