IDEA’s founder Helena Ma Champions Board Diversity at Women’s Forum

Asia’s young, increasingly educated workforce and its growing middle class are a wellspring of dynamism. Millennials and Women in Asia are poised to comprise a new generation of leaders, and engage in entrepreneurship at exponential rate. Nineteen of twenty of the world’s most dynamic cities are in Asia, making the region attractive to investment, capital, and talent. Women’s full participation and leadership in its economies and societies is needed to sustain Asia’s attractiveness, grow its influence globally, and build a brighter future for its people from the ground up.

Our managing director Helena MA advocated embracing women’s leadership role in board governance, as well as building a culture of diversity at Woman’s Forum Step in Step up last week. “We are experiencing the evolution of emotional landscape. The era when the manipulative, jungle-fighter type of boss dominated the corporate hierarchy is long gone with the advent of globalisation and info technology. The virtuoso in interpersonal skills represent the corporate governance of the future,” Ma remarked.

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