In-Nordic AB to Rely on All-Round Communications Consultancy IDEA Communication Pte Ltd as PR Partner

Image Credit: In-Nordic AB LinkedIn

As yet another landmark in the prolonged history of Sino-Swedish bilateral ties, In-Nordic AB was established as a financial advisory and business development agency tasked with the role of encouraging increased European entrepreneurial presence in China and facilitating further political and economic relations engendered by the continuously deepening relationship between China and Sweden. Founded in 2015, In-Nordic AB has made significant headway in promoting mutual business opportunities for the two countries. Most recently, In-Nordic AB has devised a new China entry programme for Swedish consumer brands, amplifying its commitment to maintaining Sweden’s privilege as the top European destination for Chinese foreign investment. China is Sweden’s eighth-largest export market, and seventh-biggest source of imports – achievements which are in no small part attributable to the efforts of In-Nordic AB. 

As one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, China extends immeasurable opportunities to Swedish businesses looking to grow or establish their market presence in China. However, there is a market gap in the aspect of sustainable Swedish technologies in China, and there is immense potential for Chinese businesses to emulate the Swedish way of environmental sustainability. In-Nordic AB has therefore chosen IDEA Communication Pte Ltd, a PR consultancy offering a myriad of services, for a one-stop solution to execute brand communication efforts and entice more investors from Sweden and other parts of Europe to China. 

“In recent years, as China has become an increasingly lucrative destination for Swedish companies to do business in, we have been on the hunt for a communications partner with intimate knowledge of both the Chinese and Swedish markets,” said the CEO of In-Nordic AB, Jane Bao Jeppsson. “We trust that IDEA’s multi-pronged expertise in creativity, communications expertise, and international business acumen will help us achieve tangible results and increase the business deals between Chinese and Swedish companies.”

Helena Ma, Founder and Managing Director echoes the collaborative zeitgeist between In-Nordic AB and IDEA: “I hope that my experience living in both Sweden and China will come in handy when IDEA embarks on projects to generate greater cognisance of Sino-Swedish relations and maximise business opportunities for both countries. We can’t wait to get started”.

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