Leading co-working space provider Ucommune set to sign with global integrated consultancy IDEA Communication as strategic communications partner

Beijing-based Ucommune, the second largest co-working space provider in the world, has engaged public relations consultancy IDEA Communication to provide essential PR and communications support in the company’s continued expansion across Asia and the world. Representing yet another coup for the Singapore-based communications firm, Ucommune’s partnership with IDEA comes in the wake of IDEA’s tie-ups with other major MNCs such as the chemicals giant BASF, Chinese conglomerate Fosun, and Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars. Founded in 2015 by Chinese entrepreneur Mao Daqing, Ucommune has operations in more than 160 locations in 35 cities across the globe.

The co-working space industry is an emerging industry that rents real estate in the form of office space to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other businesses. In terms of international growth, co-working spaces are booming, and the industry has grown exponentially since 2010. The number of co-working spaces worldwide in 2018 doubled from 2015’s total, and market researchers project that there will be 21,306 co-working spaces worldwide by the end of 2019. The industry is expected to grow almost 43 percent between this year and 2022, with Ucommune set to be at the forefront of this expansion. In August 2018, Ucommune announced plans to establish operations in 50 new cities by the end of the year, while also seeking 200 million dollars in further funding. Recognising that securing the services of an accomplished communications partner would be essential to this global expansion, Ucommune wasted no time in signing with IDEA, a PR agency with a wealth of international experience across a multitude of different countries and industrial sectors.  

Chief among IDEA’s key undertakings as Ucommune’s communications partner will be crisis management and reshaping public perception of the company, in the wake of a damaging legal spat with American co-working space provider WeWork. This will involve tireless work to dispel the ‘copycat’ label and to portray Ucommune as a product of Chinese innovation and ingenuity, and not a mere copy of a Western idea. IDEA will also be responsible for conceptualising and executing Ucommune’s overall integrated, global communications plan, encompassing public relations, corporate communications, and digital marketing.

“We believe that IDEA will be the ideal partner to provide essential communications and PR support in our worldwide expansion,” said Mr. Mao Daqing, CEO and founder of Ucommune. “With IDEA’s international experience and expertise, we expect to become the top Chinese co-working space provider in both regional and international markets within the near future, and IDEA will prove instrumental in helping us shape and refine our go-to-market strategy.”

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