Non-profit SIEF establishes partnership with Singapore-headquartered communications consultancy…

IDEA Communication has teamed up with the international non-profit organisation Sino-International Entrepreneurs Federation (SIEF), marking another coup for the Singapore-based consulting firm, led by founder Helena Ma. Founded in 2016 and with offices in both Singapore and Beijing, IDEA has worked with various MNCs and SMEs, including renowned brands and industry leaders such as Volvo Cars, BASF, UCommune, and others.

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Established in Switzerland, SIEF is a global non-profit and non-partisan organization bringing together global business elites, diplomatic dignitaries, politicians, think tanks and thought leaders from China, Europe, Oceania and Africa. Its bureau members include former leaders of developed countries and industry leaders who have made tremendous contributions during their terms. Over the past decade, SIEF has held four summits every year in countries such as Morocco, Britain, France, Australia and China. 2018 saw the ninth edition of the SIEF-affiliated Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit, co-chaired by Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France (2002-2005), and Mr. Long Yongtu, former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People’s Republic of China.

IDEA will bring to bear the collective expertise of its diverse and multi-talented team – honed and polished over years of experience across various communications disciplines – in the development of an integrated communications strategy for SIEF, overseeing direction, implementation and execution. Despite boasting a number of high profile dignitaries and members – including former Prime Ministers and other high-level government officials – SIEF has suffered from a paucity of media coverage as well as a weak online presence. To this end, IDEA will put in place a targeted communications campaign with a particular focus on brand communication and social media engagement. Brand communication, where SIEF is concerned, involves – first of all – the articulation of a coherent brand identity and the clarification of key brand messages. In particular, espousing key values that SIEF stands for will be integral to creating a positive, credible brand identity. IDEA will also lead efforts to boost SIEF’s community engagement through a robust and long-term social media engagement plan, making use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other channels to raise the client’s profile and increase public awareness of SIEF and its events.

“For a long time, we have been cognizant of the need for a competent communications partner to support us in our international public relations efforts, one commensurate with the stature of our esteemed members and VIPs,” said Tony Dong, CEO of SIEF and former general manager of International Cooperation Department at Beijing Capital Group. “Having IDEA Communication at the helm gives us confidence that SIEF will be able to significantly elevate our international profile, as we envisage that IDEA’s global experience across multiple disciplines, industries, and sectors will lend our communications and PR efforts valuable expertise and fresh impetus.”

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