Singapore-based blockchain startup Qtum engages services of global integrated communications consultancy IDEA Communication

In a move to ramp up the firm’s public relations and communications strategy, the Singapore-based blockchain startup Qtum has entered into a partnership with IDEA Communication, a global integrated communications consulting firm with offices in Singapore and Beijing. IDEA has enjoyed success since its founding in 2016, having worked with international brands such as Volvo Cars, BASF, Fosun, Ucommune, and more.

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Founded in 2016, Qtum is a Singapore-based blockchain application platform that uses smart contract technology and a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol, targeted at novel use cases across multiple industries. As of 2018, Qtum has been deployed by more than 50 apps across a diverse range of sectors including intellectual property (IP), financial services, healthcare, and clean energy; with the overarching aim of accelerating the commercial adoption of blockchain technology. Like many of its contemporaries, Qtum has faced several challenges and obstacles common in the blockchain space. These include widespread public and media skepticism towards the merits of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and associated applications as a viable alternative to established systems; the difficulty in differentiating Qtum’s services and value proposition from numerous rivals in the blockchain startup space; and most significantly, a lack of brand awareness.

Aware of the need for a robust, broad-spectrum, and yet targeted communications campaign, Qtum’s top executives saw the value of a strategic partnership with IDEA Communication. Led by the globetrotting Helena Ma – whose experience spans multiple continents and cities, including Shanghai, Stockholm, and Singapore – IDEA’s team of writers, creatives, and communications specialists offer nuanced and differentiated perspectives and a unique, industry-specific expertise.

Taking charge of Qtum’s overarching communications campaign and strategy, IDEA will provide a bespoke, integrated approach that encompasses brand communication (reinforcing Qtum’s identity as a brand and raising brand awareness), social media engagement (engaging the blockchain community on social media platforms), and media training (equipping Qtum’s top executives with the necessary skills to navigate media questions, which can often be probing and difficult). Through such a multi-pronged approach, IDEA Communication will oversee the production of press releases, social media content creation, and relationship building with various Tier 1 media titles.

“IDEA Communication has consistently demonstrated a capacity to deliver tangible results across different industries and sectors,” said Patrick Dai, founder and CEO of Qtum. “Their track record of success was a compelling factor in our decision to partner with them, and we look forward to a fruitful, rewarding, and long-term partnership together.”

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