Singapore-based EdTech Start-Up Tenopy Redefines Modern Education

LIVE online teaching platform Tenopy makes high-quality education more accessible for more students

Since Tenopy’s launch in 2017, the Singapore-based education tech (EdTech) start-up has attracted 1500 students who have taken over 3500 classes – and counting. The fast growing LIVE online teaching platform enables Primary School students to log in from their home to online classrooms, where top quality tutors teach and interact with students in live-streaming video in both small and larger group class sizes. Tenopy has since raised S$1.5 million from three venture capitals in Singapore, China and Japan, and anticipates closing another funding round soon.

“EdTech allows the best teachers to be accessible to many students, no matter where you are located. The online interface allows an interactive and engaging learning experience through an exclusive design of curriculum and tech that you won’t find offline,” says Soh Chong Kian, founder of Tenopy and internet entrepreneur.

Having watched the proliferation and success of EdTech in global cities years before, he decided to develop the idea in Singapore, optimistic that education is fast evolving from traditional, “boring” content to something bigger. With a Masters in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and a full scholarship from the Singapore government (1999), Chong Kian now sits at the forefront of a fast evolving EdTech industry, hoping to pay it forward with the launch of Tenopy.

Recalling his very own positive experience in school, Chong Kian shares that through his Primary school teacher’s encouragement, he built his self-esteem and developed a lifelong passion for Mathematics. Inspired to invest more time cultivating his academics, Chong Kian went on to cinch the bronze medal from the prestigious International Math Olympiad in 1998.

Behind Tenopy’s success

Ranging from small to large groups, Tenopy’s online classes cover academic subjects, global tests, and general learning workshops. Besides providing the ease and convenience of learning from any location, being an online platform also means that the cost of learning is greatly lowered – a benefit which is transferred to the students. Tenopy also makes sure each student’s progress is tracked with regular diagnostics and daily homework help. Likewise, tutors receive regular student data, which helps improve their teaching approach and the right follow-up guidance.

“Every student deserves access to quality education and learning experiences regardless of their financial background. EdTech constantly innovates to make online learning a superior learning experience compared to offline learning, offering a range of the best teachers and various teaching styles fairly and affordably,” explains Chong Kian.

Tried and Tested: Encouraging teachers, quality education and satisfied parents

Tenopy’s current system, which makes a large online class effective for students, screens teachers for their experience and personality to be able to lead a lively and engaging online class. Teachers are also trained to incorporate a multi-faceted, interesting learning experience with regular pop quizzes, teaching props, in-class games and mini competitions, while integrating modern methods of teaching with storytelling, videos and animations. Students also interact through video, audio and text chats in the online classroom, as their participation data is tracked for weekly reports.

Tenopy addresses the parents’ need of more accessible, transparent and personable classes by leveraging on technology, automation and data analytics in the teaching delivery, and continuously improving pedagogy based on data. Parents are also given clarity on their children’s learning points: Being allowed to sit in for online classes, view replays of past classes at their convenience and monitor their children’s progress are some advantages offered by Tenopy.

Besides gaining an impressive consumer base in a short time, Tenopy has exceeded the expectations of many parents. Belinda shares that her daughter Rei managed an almost perfect score for her major exams after joining a Primary 3 science class at Tenopy. Under Ms Chomel’s guidance and generous encouragement, Rei become one of Tenopy’s many success stories, and intends to continue learning at the online tuition platform for many more years to come.

As for Tenopy’s next steps, Chong Kian shares that the start-up intends to push its Mathematics and languages curricula, with localization, into the region. The start-up is also developing strategic partnerships with quality education players, to offer its interactive online curriculum and technology on a larger scale, so more students can reach high quality online classes that are unavailable in their current markets.”

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