Singapore-based IDEA Communication announces ‘evolution’ into full-fledged global consultancy offering full suite of media and communications services

As part of a move to tap into emerging markets and to add value to a wide array of international clients, Singapore-based IDEA Communication has announced its ‘evolution’ into a fully integrated and holistic communications consultancy, offering a range of services encompassing media publishing, corporate consulting, events, CSR, digital marketing, and more. Founded in 2016, IDEA has seen considerable success in a short span of time, having worked with brands such as Volvo Cars, Kronaby, Chinese co-working space giant UCommune, and numerous others. Most recently, IDEA also announced a partnership with global think tank Milken Institute, in another sign of the communications firm’s growing international stature and presence.

Beginning life in 2016, IDEA Communication is the brainchild of globetrotting founder Helena Ma, a seasoned communications veteran with experience in China, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Having carved out a niche servicing various clients in the technology, business, and government sectors, IDEA is now evolving into a vertically integrated, ‘full stack’ consultancy that will provide services across public relations, investor relations, corporate communications, digital marketing, events, and more. Like a well-oiled machine, this will enable IDEA to fully harness the innate synergy between these units, which will, in turn, maximise added value for a vast portfolio of clients.

The breadth, depth, and scale of IDEA’s consulting services is considerable, and encompass – but are not limited to – public relations, crisis management, digital marketing, executive profiling, corporate events, market roll-out strategy, and government relations. IDEA’s consulting work often takes the form of protracted, comprehensive campaigns spanning multiple platforms and lasting many months, and are invariably the product of rigorous research, analysis, and strategizing.

The lynchpin of IDEA’s media publishing arm is IDEATE, IDEA Communication’s in-house, proprietary publication platform that is envisaged to become the magazine of choice for our clients’ top executives around the world. IDEATE is a bi-monthly digital magazine providing free, quality coverage to our C-suite clients, distributed to a select audience of over 5,000 C-suite and investor readers and over 100,000 media readers in our global network. Through incisive, insightful, and rigorously researched content, IDEATE eschews quantity for quality, with 40 pages of carefully curated commentary and industry-relevant news from IDEA’s team of expert writers. Sparking meaningful conversations and generating impactful thought leadership on the pressing issues of the day, themes and topics featured in IDEATE include sustainability investment, digital transformation and Industry 4.0, philanthropy in business, and much more. Focusing on the shakers and movers of today’s increasingly disrupted world, IDEATE will provide a conduit for business leaders across various industries, delving into their beliefs and aspirations, as well as shining a light on their work to engender positive change. 

With over 10 years’ experience working in cities as cosmopolitan as Shanghai, Beijing, London, Stockholm, and now Singapore, IDEA Communication’s founder and managing director Helena Ma has accrued not only a wealth of acumen and industry knowledge, but also a global network of contacts that span government agencies, Tier 1 media organisations, international think tanks and corporate C-suites. As such, IDEA Communication is well-positioned in the events sector, and regularly organises high-level dinners, luncheons, seminars, and conferences in Singapore, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong.

Through an integrated yet differentiated set of initiatives – including IDEATE, IDEA Collaborative, HeartforDream, and more – IDEA Communication has grown from humble beginnings in Singapore into a full-fledged consulting company with a truly global reach, striving to maximise and sustain the commercial value of some of the world’s most prominent brands through bridging tech, digital, creativity, and business acumen.


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