Singapore’s homegrown Ed-tech startup Tenopy appoints IDEA communication as PR partner

Further to the announcement of A round funding, Singapore’s local ed-tech startup Tenopy has engaged the services of IDEA Communication in a bid to raise aware of. Founded in 2016, IDEA has seen considerable success in a short span of time, having worked with brands such as Fosun International , Kronaby, Chinese co-working space giant UCommune, and numerous others.

Founded in 2017, the Singapore-based education tech (EdTech) start-up has attracted 1500 students who have taken over 3500 classes – and counting. The fast-growing LIVE online teaching platform enables Primary School students to log in from their home to online classrooms, where top quality tutors teach and interact with students in live-streaming video in both small and larger group class sizes. Tenopy has since raised S$1.5 million from three venture capitals in Singapore, China and Japan, and anticipates closing another funding round soon.

Ranging from small to large groups, Tenopy’s online classes cover academic subjects, global tests, and general learning workshops. Besides providing the ease and convenience of learning from any location, being an online platform also means that the cost of learning is greatly lowered – a benefit which is transferred to the students. Tenopy also makes sure each student’s progress is tracked with regular diagnostics and daily homework help. Likewise, tutors receive regular student data, which helps improve their teaching approach and the right follow-up guidance.

With the continued growth of the middle class across much of the Southeast Asia region, demand for online education across diversified disciplines has grown, and will continue to grow. IDEA will take charge of communications strategy and planning, providing valuable expertise in the realms of public relations, brand partnership, media relations and training, and more. Over the next month, IDEA will be responsible for establishing and building relationships with Tier 1 media titles in Singapore; producing regular press releases in order to secure media coverage and brand exposure; securing interviews with media houses; building brand awareness through print, digital, and other channels; and more.

“IDEA Communication has showcased proven track record of success and a solid understanding of tech services,” said Chongkian Soh, founding CEO of Tenopy. “What proved particularly compelling, above all, was the team’s result-driven attitude and dedicated service. I trust this partnership will help us new heights in a lucrative region where many markets are only just emerging.”

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